Monday, February 1, 2010

Lesson 1 - Meaning of Educational Technology

Technology comes from the Greek word “techne”, which means craft or art.
Educational Technology is therefore an art in teaching, but it is often perceived to mean just the modern technology like the hardware, but it refers broadly to the use of all human inventions and discoveries to satisfy all the needs in the educational processes. These inventions and discoveries include the devices, tools, equipment, activities, procedures and processes. All the old traditional learning equipment like chalk, chalkboards and bulletin boards also form part of the educational technology.
There are other terms associated with technology like, technology in education, instructional technology, technology integration, and educational media. Technology in Education is the application of technology to any of those processes involved in operating the institutions which are engage in educational enterprise. Instructional Technology is a systematic way of designing, carrying out, and evaluating the total process of learning and teaching in terms of specific objectives. Technology Integration means using “learning technologies to introduce, reinforce, supplement and extend skills.” While Educational Media are channels, avenues or instruments of communication which also serve educational purposes.
My Learning:
Usually, we believe that educational technology only refers to the use of recent and advance inventions of modern technologies like computers, video, multi-media and internet. But in this lesson, I have learned that educational technology includes all the materials including the old and traditional and the new tools and processes, methods, procedures and activities, instructional and curricular design, including the teaching profession itself, the learning environment and systems. These all form part of educational technology with the main objective to realize the mission of the teachers to effectively facilitate learning.
My Application later as a teacher:
As a teacher, I would preferably employ the use of modern technologies in facilitating learning although at times there are situations which call for the use of traditional materials and methods so we can not frown upon them because in the course of evolution, we cannot deny the fact that the traditional materials and systems, have served and proved their purpose. But since we are now in the computer age, it is a must that teachers should also adopt the use of modern technologies in the learning processes owing to its advantages and convenience; and to ensure their proper place and usage to prevent abuse, disuse and wastage.

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